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Wayne Madison, Stoneware's

The Courier-Journal

November 2013  


Wayne Madison, Stoneware's man of many hats

Stoneware's Wayne Madison

Wayne Madison, shown in his Louisville Stoneware Art Factory workshop, has worked at the company

for 25 years. 'I've never been afraid to fix anything, because I'm not afraid to fail,' Madison said.


Louisville native Wayne Madison is the maintenance supervisor at Louisville Stoneware Art Factory at 731 Brent St., (502) 582-1900 or www.louisvillestoneware.com.

Jobs: "My grandpa was a master carpenter, and I learned most of what I know from working with him. I've had several jobs including working as a production welder, tree trimmer, dump truck driver and for a cleaning company, moving/storage company and Wood Mosaic," a veneer company.

Hats: "I started here in 1988 with a part-time job in maintenance. My first big project was to build the office space inside the factory that is in use today. There's even a Stoneware tile embedded in the floor to commemorate the addition. I have a whole bunch of hats in my office. Those hats represent the many hats I wear at Stoneware - I'm in charge of security, maintenance, assembly and I oversee the clay room."

Skills: "Every time I fix something, my goal is to make it better than it was so I don't have to come back and fix it again. With all the experiences I've had, I can fix almost anything. It's just a matter of figuring out how it works. I'm good with numbers and have electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, metal fabrication and diagnosis skills. Every time I walk through the plant I'm looking, listening and smelling. After working here so long, I can recognize differences and address them. The safety and comfort of our customers and employees are my biggest concern when making repairs."

Trust: "I treat this place just like I do my own home. The company asks me to get estimates and buy materials and supplies. Many times I can find a way to do all or part of the project for less money and/or source the materials for less. If they're going to trust me with the power of purchasing, I'm going to find the best price."

Diversity: "I enjoy the diversity of tasks in my job. I never know what I'm going to be doing on any given day. I like solving problems, no matter whose problem it is. The biggest thing that drives me is my willingness to work on anything. And my advice to others is to find something you enjoy and the rewards will come. I like being needed."